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Like a Phoenix, rising from the flames

I had been intending to move from WordPress for some time. While it is a good CMS, it's very bloated and the frequent updates to both the core and all the plugins require frequent maintainance. In short, though I intended WordPress to make life easier for me in the previous iteration of the site, it was beginning to feel a bit needy, always needing attention.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, though, and I had numerous other priorities. Long story short, the decision was taken out of my hands. The old site got hacked in early April and rather than re-installing from one of the weekly backups, it gave me the impetus to get cracking on a new build.

Not that I'm going to thank the hacker.

I'm going to take an agile approach to the build, uploading sections as I finish them. This means that large sections of the site are currently either not built or are unfinished. I will be working at it on a daily basis though, and estimate being reasonably complete in 2-3 weeks. The typography section remains intact, as it never fell under the Wordpress framework.

Thanks for your patience,
Matt, 13.4.16

Update 25.5.16: It's been both a busy and tragic month. My students graduation exhibition will go on the walls of the RCC Letterkenny, tomorrow, but what would normally be an exciting, albeit stressful event, has been tempered by the tragic passing of one of my colleagues and friend, Johnny Boyle. Johnny was probably the most intelligent person I have ever met. A gentleman and a scholar in the truest sense of both words, he was inspiring and influential to me, my colleagues and a generation of students. He was eccentric, erudite, generous to a fault, and so far ahead of the rest of us, it usually took us years to catch up. He was a good man, and we, all that knew him, are diminished by his passing.

It was heartening to see among the mourners all of the ex-staff, current and long graduated students, and friends, whose lives Johnny had touched so indelibly. My, our thoughts, are with Caroline, Dabhog and Eithne and his wider family.

Rather than bore you with petty update info, I'd prefer to direct you to Johnny's site.

I was so proud to call him my friend.
RIP Johnny Boyle (1964 - 2016).

Update 7.5.16: Although it is not obvious, a lot of work has continued under the hood. Responsiveness has been improved, although some further tweaks remain. The photography section is half-done and should be finished and uploaded in the next few days.

Update 30.4.16: I've added the design section, which will act as a template for the rest of the site. Expect further updates soon.